Dream About Visitations - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

BY Layne Sheridan 2022-11-25 Modified date: 2023-12-13

Dream About Visitations - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Is there a spirit that keeps an eye on us? When our loved ones die, where do they go? Can they come back to see us while we're sleeping?

Visitation Dreams

People have claimed to have witnessed events since the beginning of time. For example, Nostradamus, Lydia Emma Pinckert, and Jeane Dixon became famous due to J.F. Kennedy's prediction. Spirit was supposed to communicate with us through our senses, including sleep, according to these predictions. My grandfather died a few years ago, and the dreams I've had about him since then have been vivid and intense.

These are what I call "visitations dreams." There are various kinds of "visitation dreams." When we need advice, the Spirit guiding visitation dream frequently appears. It is not uncommon for our beloved family to visit us, and grandparents frequently visit us in visitation dreams, which can be pretty vivid to the point where you believe you have seen the deceased person.

What does it mean to have dreams about a deceased loved one?

We "humans" live on the psychical plane, and when we sleep, we frequently sense the energy of those who have passed away. The energy could be a smell like flowers filling your bedroom, or it could be the light of the sun shining in the middle of your dark bedroom. The first thing I'll tell you is that Spirit communicates from a place of love within you, which indicates that you should be at peace and happy. It can be shocking to encounter a loved one who has died in a dream, and dreams can be strange and strange at the same time. In dreams, there may be immoral acts or even breaking the law. When we dream, we all have creative power, and our fears and memories may surface.

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What does it mean in my dream to see someone who has died?

Spirit communicates in a variety of ways. We sometimes have contact with love in our dreams, which indicates that we should have peace and happiness. If you see a loved one who has died in a dream, it could mean that they are thinking of you. The spirit dream can be related to our holiness or even our own Spirit in life. While I believe in Spirit in the human sense, I also believe there is a structure in the world of spirituality.

What does it mean to feel the presence of a spirit in a dream?

In erotic images, there are also grounds for theological reflection in dreams. The concept of "sensing a spirit" can happen while sleeping and affect our five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and sight.

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Can the dead come to visit us in our dreams?

Dreams about a deceased loved one can be pretty intense, especially if we never had the opportunity to say goodbye to the person who died. However, being visited in your dream by a loved one (who has died) does not imply that the person has returned to say goodbye but rather to deliver a message, warn you about something, or assist you in getting through something.

What if the dream bothers you?

Some of you who have contacted me have expressed concern about the nature of this dream. This is true because visitation dreams can be powerful, intense, one-of-a-kind, and even life-changing.

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Is there a message here?

You may be visited by a deceased loved one who wishes to convey a message or issue a warning to you. However, this does not imply that the message you require will be ambiguous or difficult to comprehend. You'll understand why they came to see you. Perhaps the deceased loved one is here to teach you a life lesson, to send you a warning or a reminder, or to share some wisdom or life guidance.

Do our deceased loved ones come to visit us in our dreams?

If you believe that dreams have meaning, then a spirit can come to visit us in our sleep. Most people, however, confuse common dreams with visitation dreams, and however, they are not the same. The Spirit is usually surrounded by light in visitation dreams, and you'll notice that they came in peace and want to talk or deliver a message/warning.

Also, in most visitation dreams, the deceased person tells us that they are fine and at peace, so we don't need to worry, especially if they left without saying their final goodbye. It's their way of informing us that they've arrived safely on the other side.

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Do I believe that spirit visits happen at night?

Sensing a spirit stems from my own experiences in a closed medium circle, as well as my spiritual hunger for reformation. There is a "natural" link between the physical and earth plane that (in religious terms) connects to our heights of holiness.

How can we tell if a loved one has visited us in our dreams?

As previously stated, there is a significant difference between standard and visitation dreams. If you have a visitation dream, you'll recognize it the moment you see your deceased loved one. They will appear in unusual clothing, surrounded by light, or immersed in a highly peaceful environment. You'll also receive a symbolic message, sign, or something to let you know that your loved one is still a part of your life, and you don't need to worry about them. Dreams usually occur when you least expect them to.

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Is the dream positive or negative?

Your loved one may appear in your dream to "let you know" that they are keeping an eye on you and protecting you from above. A "dead loved one" may visit your dream on rare occasions to deliver a message or warn you about something. I believe you are aware of this and will receive a sign. It could come to you in a variety of ways. That is, you must consider any "warnings" that you may encounter.

What are the signs that Spirit is attempting to communicate with you?

I'll explain the most common signs people receive from their deceased loved ones, as well as their significance.

Feathers: Seeing a feather in your dream or even in real life could be a sign from a deceased loved one. They are attempting to communicate to you that they are safe and that you are ready to let go and live your life. A feather is usually found in your waking life when someone has died.

Stones: If you trip on or see a stone in your dream, it could be a warning sign from your deceased loved one. They attempt to persuade you to open your eyes and see people for who they indeed are.

Also, you may take the wrong path in life, and they wish to send a warning sign to guide you back on track. If your deceased loved one wishes to give you something that will serve as an amulet, you may receive a stone in your dream. Different types of stones and colours have different meanings, so you should remember as many details as possible when having this type of dream.

Animals: spirits use energy to communicate with us and be with us. Unsurprisingly, they can reach us via animal energy. For example, in your dream state, you may see a bird, ladybug, butterfly, or dragonfly, or another creature may cross your path in waking life.

Flowers: Have you ever suddenly smelt flowers? Yes, Spirit communicates with us through flowers. So, if you see a flower, it could be a gift from a deceased loved one, and the flower is a message from another world. Perhaps you should take the same flower to your deceased loved one's grave and pay for a brief visitation.

People: Spirit frequently sends messages through mediums. Having such a dream may indicate that you should consult tarot cards or follow your intuition. Pay attention to those around you because they may have an important message or a warning for you.

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What exactly does it mean to have a dream about a recently deceased loved one?

When we unexpectedly lose someone close, it is natural to have recurring dreams about them. If you did not say goodbye to a loved one who died, you might dream of them to find peace in your mind. We can be in a lot of pain if we die suddenly, and I can't accept that they are no longer with us. That is why most people have dreams about recently deceased loved ones. One of the most common reasons is refusing to accept that they are no longer alive and will never see the person again.

If you have a dream about a recently deceased loved one, the person may be trying to reach out and let you know that they have safely crossed over. If you had a disturbing dream about a deceased loved one, for example, if they were struggling with something or suffering, it's possible that they died in pain. They do, however, want you to know that they are now at ease and fine.

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How does Spirit communicate with us through our dreams?

Spirit communicates with us through our dreams. However, how they communicate is determined by the message they wish to convey or the reason for their visit.

You can feel their presence: According to some dream experts, many people have reported feeling the presence of a deceased loved one around them after they've died. They usually notice a change in the energy around them or feel the air move. It's a standard way for the dead to communicate with those they care about. They are attempting to maintain their proximity. It does, however, imply that they are still attached to the living world or refuse to cross over to the other side.

If you recently lost a loved one and felt a presence in the bed next to you at night, your deceased loved one may be attempting to communicate. You may also have the impression that someone is constantly watching you or sitting next to you in your living room or any other room in your house. But don't be alarmed. Your deceased loved one will pass to the other side once they accept that they are no longer a part of the living world.

Visitation = You can sense their presence.

If you feel someone holding your hand or a sudden hug or gentle touch on your head or back while sleeping, it could be Spirit. They are most likely reaching out, and they want to touch you again to let you know they're there for you.

Visitation equates to smelling their fragrance.

If you smell the fragrance of someone you've lost, they may be trying to reach out to you or stay close to ensure your safety.

Unexpected electrical activity = visitor

When I receive a spiritual visitation, the lights frequently go off and on. That is, whether it is in my dream or reality. If you notice things moving or TV channels changing without you touching the remote, or it appears that someone is tampering with your computer or TV, Spirit may be attempting to communicate.

You can hear their voice when they come to visit you.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the voice of someone you have lost. This can happen when someone hears their voice, either internally or externally. Hearing voices internally, on the other hand, is more common than hearing them externally. People frequently hear a voice inside their heads. Why? To communicate with your mind may indicate a message or a warning. So pay close attention.

Can the dead communicate with us through our dreams?

So far, I've concluded that spirits can visit us in our dreams. That is, they can communicate with us through our dreams if they need to warn us about something, send an important message, or let us know we are present.

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Visitation Dreams

What does a visit from the deceased mean in a dream?

As I previously stated, if you have lost a loved one and dream of them, you may be dreaming of this "person" because you cannot let go. However, it could also be a message from the person trying to tell you that they have finally made it to the other side and is safe and sound right now.

In conclusion, if you have a dream about a deceased loved one, the person may be attempting to reach out and explain why they left, especially if they left without saying goodbye. However, the Spirit may be attempting to warn or remind you of something. Dreams of a recently deceased loved one can be pretty intense because they usually occur when you have recently lost someone you care about. They can be pretty emotional and upsetting because when we lose someone, we love forever, we would give anything to have them back. But deep down, we know there's nothing we can do except hope they come to us in our dreams and tell us they're fine and are watching over us.

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How can I request that a deceased loved one visit me in a dream?

In my dreams, I occasionally see a loved one who has passed away. However, it never occurs when I expect it to. On the contrary, it always seems to happen when I least expect it. So the answer is yes, but maybe, be prepared to wait.

Messages from the dead in dreams: Specific family member visitation in dreams

It's easy to interpret a dream in which you see a "specific" family member who has died. One could argue that if you dreamed of a recently deceased member of your family, you probably miss them and are still in shock. If you have dreams about other family members, the person may be attempting to contact you:

Dreams about a mother who is no longer alive

You may miss your deceased mother if you dream about her. However, you may be dealing with an issue that requires you to act as a mother figure. It could also indicate that you require advice that only a mother can provide. If you pay attention to your heart, you will hear her voice telling you what to do. Or maybe she'll come to your dream and speak to you directly the next time. Our spirit mother usually finds creative ways to convey important information to you. She could send her message through feathers, stones, coins, other people, or animals, and they're all ways for Spirit to communicate with us.

Dreams of a deceased father

If you have dreams about your deceased father, you may feel vulnerable in your waking life. Perhaps you require the guidance and protection of a father figure in your life. It's possible, however, that you miss your father. Alternatively, if you believe this is a dream from Spirit, he wishes to convey a special message. Maybe you're getting a heads-up about something or someone.

Dreams of a deceased grandmother

Seeing your deceased grandmother in your dream usually indicates that you miss her. However, it could also mean that someone is attempting to reach out to you and offer you advice on an important matter. Our nana/grandmother frequently appears in our dreams to warn us or to be there for us.

Dreams about a deceased sibling

If you have dreams about your sister, you may miss her. She may be attempting to contact you to let you know that she's okay and that she misses you as well. Or she may want to warn you about something you're doing but aren't paying attention to.

Dreams about my deceased brother

If you have dreams about your deceased brother, you most likely miss him. Or he's simply attempting to reach out and assure you that he always has your back, even when he's not present.

Dreams of a deceased aunt

If you dream about your deceased aunt, you may be dealing with a family issue that will harm your life. It's possible, however, that you miss your aunt.

Dreams about a recently deceased uncle

If you dreamed about your deceased uncle, you would most likely have problems with a male figure in your life. Someone in your life who is in a position of authority could be the culprit. However, you may miss your uncle. Or he misses you and is attempting to reach out to you through your dream.

Dreams about a deceased relative

If you dream about your deceased cousin, you are most likely attempting to avoid a family issue. However, the more problems you face in life, the better things will turn out. If you were close to your cousin or if you recently lost them, you may still be in shock over their death, and it could be the reason they are visiting you in your dreams.

Dreams of a deceased wife

If you dream about your deceased wife, you most likely miss her, and it is natural for us to fantasize about those we adore. She may be trying to reach out and tell you how much she misses you.

Dreams of a deceased husband

Dreaming about your deceased husband is the same as dreaming about your deceased wife. You either miss the person terribly and are unable to let go. It could mean that he's trying to reach out to let you know that he misses you as well, but that he's fine now. Or perhaps you have something to confess, and your guilty conscience is eating you up on the inside. Pay close attention to the particulars.

Dreams about a recently deceased boyfriend or girlfriend

If you dream about your deceased boyfriend or girlfriend, you are most likely still in love with him/her and miss him/her, especially if you recently lost him/her. On the other hand, if your partner died a long time ago and is still visiting you in your dreams, it's probably to remind you that it's okay to be happy with someone else and move on with your life. It could also indicate that they are attempting to warn you about something or someone dangerous.

Dreams about a long-dead ex-lover

If you have dreams about a deceased ex-lover, they may still be alive in your heart. Maybe you didn't want to end things before they died, and you're afraid the person will never know how much you loved them. However, don't worry because dead people are aware, and if they want to contact you directly, your dead ex-lover will speak to you in your dream the next time. Or send you a sign to let you know they understand how you feel. If you have a guilty conscience, you may dream about your deceased ex-lover.

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A summary of visits in a dream

So far, we have concluded that it is possible to communicate with the people we have lost in our dreams. We may dream about deceased loved ones if we have recently lost the person and cannot move on due to the shock. In waking life, if you sense their presence, feel their touch, or even hear their voice, they may be trying to reach out to you specifically.

The majority of our dreams are reenactments of our daily lives and events. On the other hand, Visitation dreams are common and valuable insights into the relationships of those who have passed on. These dreams draw attention due to their unusual nature, and they also appear meaningful. If your dream has an impact on your life and is an extraordinary human experience, it can have a significant impact on your life.

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