Dream About The Advantages Of Lucid - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

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Dream About The Advantages Of Lucid - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

With lucid dreams, you can direct your dreams as you please. When lucid, you are more willing to face danger, which boosts your self-confidence. When you become lucid, you can use it to solve problems in your day-to-day life, practice for speeches, get better at sports, and indulge in fantasies.

Some athletes use lucid dreams to perfect their swings for the baseball bat, tennis serve, or golf shot. Even in everyday life, you can use lucid dreams to overcome obstacles like writer's block, ask for a raise from your boss, get ready for a date, and more.

Lucid dreams can help you mentally picture and practice an event before it happens. It aids in overcoming worries and anxieties. Only your imagination can determine how lucid dreams can be used.

The training and preparation you undergo in the waking world are similar to what you "learn" or "practice" in your lucid dream state because the brain's activity during a dream state is the same as during a real-life event. Already, conditioning is taking place in your neuronal patterns.

At least half of all adults have experienced a lucid dream at least once in their lives. Many people claim to have had lucid dreams naturally. Lucid dreams are frequently linked to flying. With enough practice, lucid dreaming is a skill that can be acquired and used at will.

There are many amazing advantages to lucid dreaming, which is when you are aware that you are dreaming but continue to be in the dream. Here are five advantages of lucid dreaming that may persuade you to practice the skill of dream waking.

Greater awareness is fostered by lucid dreaming

Being more aware is what lucidity refers to. When you extend your awareness into the dream state, you become aware that you are dreaming. What else is a dream made of? This awareness is a sharpened sensitivity to the thoughts you have for yourself.

As you become more conscious of your dreams, you also become more conscious of your awakened mind's contents. Two different states of consciousness are just two manifestations of the same awareness. What also doesn't get better with increased awareness?

You begin to "wake up" and relate to the ideas in your mind instead of constantly acting out of your thoughts and emotions during the day, which is being non-lucid to them (you're lost in your thoughts and emotions, just like when you're lost in a non-lucid dream). It is a significant shift to relate to your thoughts and emotions rather than them. It can give you peace of mind and keep you out of a lot of trouble.

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You have more control over yourself when you have lucid dreams

When you are more aware of what is happening inside you, you are no longer the helpless victim of your thoughts and emotions. In reality, lucid dreaming is more about mastering your mind's faculties than controlling your dreams. Reactivity can be swapped out for "response-ability" with the help of this control. You can respond to situations more intelligently than always react to them. This is a better way to live a more "awake" life.

Nightmares can be cured by lucid dreaming

The sense of helplessness you experience during a nightmare makes them so awful. When you awaken from a nightmare, you understand it was only a nightmare. Then you can transform the nightmare into a pleasant one. If you can't, you can still alter how you relate to the dream because you know it is not real. The nightmare becomes weaker.

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The creative potential of the mind can be investigated

In a lucid dream, your world is entirely your creation. You can discover the power of your mind to alter your reality by waking up while still in the dream. A house can become a lake, a boat can become a car, and a tree can become a flower.

It is possible to learn how to change your mind. Then, you incorporate that realization into your day-to-day activities. Because you are coming to understand that you are the architect of your unique experience, you learn how to transform negative mental states into positive ones and depressing moods into upbeat ones.

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You become aware of your power of choice

In a lucid dream, you become aware of your options. A witnessing dream is one in which you can watch the dream's events unfold without making any changes. You do this by treating the dream like a movie rather than immersing yourself in its plot (which would make it non-lucid).

Alternatively, you can make certain changes to the dream, like coming up with a more satisfying conclusion. You are using your freedom of choice in either case. You then use that power in your day-to-day activities. Are you angry with your boss? Your decision is that. You can be active and how you interact with the world and awaken and change your life.

These five advantages come together when you realize that you are constantly using your mind, whether you are aware of it (are lucid to it) or not (are non-lucid to it).

You can change your life by learning to use your mind in your dreams. Same mind, various states. Apply the knowledge you've gained about your dreams and your new, lucid relationship with them to "outsight." Wake up in your dreams to gain insight into how to awaken your life.

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