Dream About Future And It Comes True - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

BY Layne Sheridan 2022-11-22 Modified date: 2023-12-12

Dream About Future And It Comes True - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Our subconscious mind is linked to our dreams about the future.

dream about future and it comes true

It is not uncommon for dreams to foresee the future if you consider dreaming of being related to a higher level of consciousness. I had a dream about a house when I was ten years old. This was a terrace house (in England), with a backyard but no garden. After a few months, my parents moved me to a new house they had purchased. It was the house of my dreams. Even now, I recall the shock of walking through a house and knowing exactly which rooms I'd be entering, what they'd look like, and the basic layout. I've been having nightmares about the future - both good and awful – since that day.

People often approach me concerning future dreams, and because I have these dreams myself, I felt it would be helpful to summarise what it means to dream about the future. Precognitive dreaming is the term for such dreams. Before you ask, I'll tell you that it's a divine gift, and spirits are pointing you in the right direction. I genuinely believe the supernatural realm is communicating with you. Dreams could supply us with the common sense we've been looking for. A dream gives us access to various spiritual entities and is the most common way for our spiritual guides to contact and converse with us. Our soul connects our body and mind, as our body is our physical presence.

In waking life, dreaming allows us to assimilate knowledge and generally escape. In spiritual words, knowing the future is going into the psychic data store. Because dreams are used to help us digest information, they can also help us prepare for life problems. These dreams are referred to as "somatic" dreams by sleep researchers. This is when the imagery in your dreams is the most vivid. Dreams, distant seeing, remote watching, and precognition are examples of things that come to light in dreams. So, in a nutshell, this is the knowledge of future events that may be hazy. Perhaps you visited a town you'll visit a few days later, or you dreamed about an event you read about in the papers a few months later.

There are instances when your dreams occur in the future; they are messages in critical areas that can appear in a dream state. Dreams have come true for countless people. You may not realize that the dream is a prophecy at the time you are dreaming. You can tell because of the dream's vivid quality. A dream that comes can be shocking, and we may still be puzzled as to why we dream in this higher condition. In such dreams, there is a sense of clairvoyant feelings, indicating that you have the capacity.

Dreaming about things in the future is a common occurrence since you may be thinking about things to do in the future at any given point in your life, so the future is always on your subconscious mind. Why do we frequently lose dream messages? It's because we forget the dream's purpose, resulting in messages that we cannot act on. Our dreams can supply us with a lot of information if we become more active dreamers. I prefer to imagine the dream as a portal to another world. You can significantly improve our understanding of ourselves and our lives.

dream about future and it comes true

Dream interpretations

Future dreams are usually a reflection of your subconscious picture of what the future should be like. But what happens if a vision of the future becomes a reality? I've had many dreams that I'm afraid will come true, and they don't appear, thankfully. So, if you're wondering if your worst nightmare will come true, the answer is most likely no. When you consider the future, you are likely to fantasize about starting a new job, getting married, purchasing an apartment or a house, and having a child. The dreams may not come true exactly as you imagine them, but they will have a similar significance to what you have in mind.

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Is dreaming about the future connected to your spirit guides

Yes, dreams about the future could indicate that your spirit guides or God is giving you a forecast. They may point out anything terrible that will occur shortly, and you should prepare for it and try to avoid it if possible. It can alert you to make changes to your activities or how you conduct things to avert the outcome you saw in your dream.

If you can dream about the future, you will have dreams about world disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis before they occur in the future. Having precognitive dreams may indicate that you are on the right track in life. If you see yourself in a specific location or with someone, this can indicate heightened psychic awareness. To distinguish future dreams from ordinary dreams, they are more vivid, contain a lot of detail, and most importantly, they catch your attention and indicate a specific event that is about to happen.

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