Dream About Sweeping - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

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Dream About Sweeping - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Sweeping in your dreams suggests that you are getting rid of old habits and ideas.

Sweeping mean in your dream

Consider the following idioms: "making a clean sweep," "sweeping someone off their feet," and "sweeping something under the carpet." Which of these sayings best describes your current situation?

You might have had a dream about

You sweep the floor with a broom.

With a wooden broom, you sweep the floor.

You are sweeping the floor.

You sweep the floor with a new broom.

You sweep with a shattered broom.

You sweep the floor with an old broom.

Dream-based advice

Pay attention to your companions.

Don't put too much faith in people.

Detailed dream interpretation

Sweeping in your dream represents a rapid improvement and movement in your financial situation. This very positive dream often indicates that there will be new starts and new beginnings in your professional life. This dream also suggests that things in your life have been complicated up to this point. This is a favourable dream, as things are going to improve.

For girls or women, the dream about a broom and sweeping is common. According to Western Tradition, this dream warns you about some friends who aren't quite friends because they have negative thoughts about you. Keep a safe distance from them. The Eastern tradition provides the same explanation.

To dream of using a new broom to sweep is a sign that you will be fortunate if you remain abstinent. An old broom predicts losses in business, and a broom in your sweeping dream may portend an unwelcome visitor. If you sweep your floor or a path, it indicates that difficult obstacles are about to be overcome.

Sweeping can be an omen of a domestic dispute. Sweeping it with a broom represents reconciliation. A wooden broom represents business complications. Seeing yourself sweeping with a broom indicates that you will get rid of those who bore you in a dream. Sweeping the street denotes disdain. A new and modern broom foretells new romantic experiences. In general, a new broom means untrustworthy friends, but it also means marital problems. An old broom suggests that you will see some friends you have forgotten about.

Sweeping mean in your dream

If you have a dream about a broken broom and find it difficult to sweep, you may be in for a big disappointment. A traditional sweeping implies financial loss and your desire to get rid of some people, and seeing a broom foretells gossip and boredom. If you sweep with a broom in your dream, it means you have a clear mind.

Feelings you may have had while sweeping in your dream.

Tired. Discontent. Upset. Worried. Surprised. Busy.

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