Dream About Marijuana /Cannabis - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

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Dream About Marijuana /Cannabis - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

In your dream, using marijuana or cannabis, or rolling a joint, indicates that you are on your way to a positive spiritual experience.

dream about marijuana / cannabis

Using marijuana or cannabis in your dream, or rolling a joint, means you're on your way to a wonderful spiritual experience.

It's time to think about your health if you're in the company of those who use marijuana or cannabis. If you use drugs during the day, you should think about quitting. If you dream about rolling a joint, it signifies that you will have a good job scenario. The lesson is that you must take advantage of a new consciousness and understand it. The dream could also indicate that you should seek excitement from within rather than relying on external factors.

In your dream, you may have

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, and other similar terms are used to describe marijuana that has been smoked.
seen people who use marijuana or cannabis.
Grew marijuana, cannabis, weed, and other similar substances.
With a friend,  smoked marijuana.

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Positive changes are afoot if

In your dream, you quit using the medicine.
Stop using drugs during the day.
You stimulated yourself with your inner strength.
You are adamant about not making hasty decisions.

Detailed dream interpretation

Driving or going to work under the influence of cannabis in a dream foreshadows a happy but hectic couple of months. If you dream that you are at a party and are using drugs, it indicates that your waking life has become monotonous. A young woman's dream of smoking marijuana with her lover warns her against making hasty judgments.

dream about marijuana / cannabis

Dreaming of marijuana or cannabis advises you to be more grounded and practical. When you smoke marijuana, it means you have a lot on your plate. Dreaming of taking drugs or giving drugs to someone else indicates that you must be prepared to face life's problems.

Dreaming that you have or are using marijuana or cannabis indicates that you require immediate "healing." Consider why you require the medications. What do you believe the medications will accomplish? Dreaming of a drug dealer indicates that you are currently in a predicament. We are skilled at burying both the positive and negative aspects of our lives. Guilty thoughts are revealed in the dream, and dedication is required.

Dreaming of marijuana or cannabis is a sign of delusion, fear of facing reality and suffering, escape into an imaginary world, loss of contact with reality, avoidance, retreat, isolation, cowardice, lack of self-confidence, dangerous scenario, and apparent calm. The medicines represent the dreamer's complete impotence in dealing with the problem, accompanied by a significant lot of fear.

Suppose you see marijuana or cannabis in your dream. In that case, it means that you want to forget about some pain, that you are tempted and trying to self-control, that reason and feeling take precedence over instinct and need, that you are taking on responsibilities, that you are cowardly, that you are avoiding responsibility, that you want to escape, that you lack confidence in yourself, and that you lack love.

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of marijuana/cannabis









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