Dream About lava - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

BY Layne Sheridan 2022-12-05 Modified date: 2023-06-14

Dream About lava - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams are weird creatures—especially when a symbol emerges, and we have no idea what it represents. I've been experiencing lava dreams for a few months now. It started as a few nightmares of being followed by sticky orange hot lava, then a few nights ago, I saw the lava reappearing in my dream, but this time it was blue. This set me on the path of deciphering the dream's significance.

I have over 1000 spiritual and dream books, and the spiritual meaning of lava indicates deeply buried emotions and experiences that must be brought to the surface as quickly as possible. It also symbolizes your sexuality and hot feelings. However, in some ancient writings, it implies disease, such as fever. The lava indicates unconscious difficulties or obstacles linked to pressure, most frequently emotional stresses.

The lava signifies the "centre of your existence," or the location where all of your emotions and energies are collected daily.

Many people are curious about what the volcano and lava signify spiritually. What does the symbolism mean? Let's take a look at Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. She is a volcano, which means she is unpredictable and has a challenging temperament. Not unexpectedly, the legend of Pele involves the human race facing obstacles and tribulations to gain inner fortitude to conquer such problems and acquire power, as well as develop your personality and being in general.

Volcanoes can be seen as a sign of difficulty on their own. They have an uphill shape, which represents how life's problems might look at times. The volcano reminds us of the objectives and aspirations we strive to achieve, the uphill journey we must endure to reach the summit, and the rewards we receive once we reach the summit. Volcanoes, in general, signify the fusion of fire, water, and air, endowing them with unique power and significance. The last sign is Earth, which is symbolized by volcanoes. As an earth symbol, the volcano tells us to be true to ourselves and what we believe in. It also teaches us how to center ourselves and focus on our core values.

This occurred in your dream to warn you not to focus too much on exterior issues that might disrupt your inner calm and bring buried anger to the surface. It also tells us that it is preferable to descend into the depths of our wisdom and knowledge and remain there for comfort, direction, and the assurance that our core convictions will serve as a constant shelter.

What does it mean when you dream about lava

Let us dissect each piece and uncover its meaning one by one. The air comes first, and it symbolizes the cooling effect, and it is also a symbol of communication and thought. If you study the life cycle of a volcano, you will see that air, as an element, plays an essential part in answering issues like:

Is it possible for you to communicate effectively?

Are your thoughts influencing my external occurrences somehow?

Is it your thoughts that are heating things for you, forcing your suppressed emotions to the surface, or hardening your experience?

When you understand air symbolism as a mode of cognition and communication, you can link it with the symbolic smoke of your knowledge and thinking. In typical volcanic legend and truth, the water sign may be found in the look of streaming lava. Lava, which is fluid, explosive, and repulsive to confinement, prompts us to ponder questions such as:

Is it just that you're going with the flow in life?

How can you move comfortably in the face of opposition?

As you can see, water is a symbolic representation of emotion. It invites us to examine our emotions and delve into the depths of our existence. If you come across a water sign in the form of volcanic activity, it symbolizes your need to calm down. It also indicates your urge to confront and overcome underlying wrath. The fire emblem symbolizes passion, creativity, power, and action. If this aspect erupts on your philosophical website, you might want to ask questions like:

How can you amplify and maximize your passionate inspiration?

How do you bring other aspects of your life to the forefront?

What should you do in a scenario that you've been avoiding for a long time?

It is extreme to observe such an aspect in a dream. Fire is lurking under the volcano's surface and is effectively "heating up." When subjected to pressure, it erupts into massive manifestations. This is the primary symbology of volcanoes. If you imagine yourself near a volcano, it implies you maintain a careful check on your underlying flames at all times. It also suggests that those drawn to volcanic energy want to have whatever they are enthusiastic about close at hand.

When eruptions can no longer contain themselves, they provide renewal, change, development, and regeneration to those who identify with the volcanic symbolism. Explosions leave a person with a sense of richness, lushness, and personal progress. Keep this in mind if your passions become so intense that they require self-development and eventual discharge. Allow yourself to find a method to express yourself, let go, and assist others in doing the same. Allow your inner passions and emotions to erupt and explode now and again because doing so results in creation and reconstruction.

What does it mean when you dream about lava

If you have an affinity with volcanoes and lava, this is a strong stone that may assist you in expressing yourself and standing up for what you believe in. It's known as the "lava stone" and is one of the world's oldest stones. It's easy to find, mainly on the sea. And it was utilized by numerous cultures throughout history. This stone was extracted from the center of our mother earth, and it virtually bubbles to the surface of the water and cools there. When it cools, it becomes black and becomes one of the most gorgeous black stones you've ever seen.

Many people utilize this stone not just for its volcanic and lava symbolism but also for its therapeutic qualities. Although this stone may not appear to have therapeutic properties, it does. People have exploited this stone's therapeutic properties for ages, and it provides a spiritual and soothing impact. As you may know, lava is recognized for its grounding properties, which means it was effectively grounding emotions and calming whatever disrupts your inner peace.

This stone is thought to signify rebirth and the release of unnecessary emotional attachments. Because of the deep link to our mother earth and the formation of the stone in the center of Earth, it is suitable for balancing the root chakra spiritually. Soldiers utilized this stone to stay calm and focused during fights. You can buy this stone online, and that may be why you had the lava dream!

If you want to purchase a lava stone but need help with how to use it, it's typically worn directly on your skin or in close contact with your skin because of the absorption barrier that can't be stopped by anything. It permits energy to flow more freely and plainly. For this purpose, you may use lava stone bracelets and men. You may also use it in your house to help you maintain perfect balance and cleanse your emotions.

What is lava made of?

Lava is a molten rock formed under the Earth's surface at depths of 100 miles or more. The temperatures here are high enough to melt rocks. When it is underground, it is known as molten rock magma, and when it reaches the surface, it bursts as basaltic lava. Lava is composed of crystals, bubbles, and liquid that freezes and solidifies to produce volcanic glass. Chemical lava may also be created with tiny amounts of silicon, aluminum, oxygen, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, titanium, and certain additional elements.

What does it mean when you dream about lava

What does red lava mean spiritually?

Red lava has a spiritual connotation that signifies inner serenity, tranquillity, and harmony. If you are feeling lost, the red lava offers intense energy that will assist you in finding your way. It signifies change and transition, as well as inner serenity and strength gained by conquering severe trials.

To dream of lava in a house?

Seeing lava inside your home or anywhere strange in your dream indicates your conflicted emotions. Your dream, on the other hand, predicts larger and better things shortly. I'd like to believe that this dream foretells your re-discovery of happiness. The lava in your home might represent a close friend or family member you trust and appreciate. However, be cautious about what secrets you tell this individual since certain secrets should be kept to yourself regardless of how much you trust them.

Alternatively, seeing lava within your house represents your passion and desire to bond with someone, which may indicate a new love. You will go through strange and fascinating experiences that you have never had before, especially when it comes to sex and love. I hope my dream interpretation has demonstrated that witnessing lava in a dream is a pleasant experience. On the negative, the lava within your home indicates an unpleasant occurrence that will cause you to explode and take greater chances, which may fail. But don't be concerned. You might be able to make things work again. If you find yourself in the middle of an explosion, this portends fierce love.


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