Dream About Aswang - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

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Dream About Aswang - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Aswang Dream Meanings

An Aswang is a monster found in the Philippines that has the characteristics of a vampire, witch, ghoul, or a separate species of werebeast. In the Philippines, people believe that it is as authentic as it gets. It does not signal good things to come in the future when you see it in your dreams. It indicates anxiety and foreshadows impending tragedy.

dream about Aswang

Whether you have a dream about an Aswang attacking you, it means you are not paying attention to your health and that you should examine your diet to determine if it is the cause of your poor health. If you eat too much fried food, you should think twice about it because these foods stress the digestive system and induce nightmares in your dreams. An Aswang may emerge in your dream if you're anaemic.

Monsters emerge from the depths of our imagination and can have a significant impact on our lives. Even though they are supposed to be unreal, you get the feeling that something is awry when you dream about them. Monster dreams indicate your symbolism mixed with many monsters from movies, novels, and mythology. They emerge from the depths of our consciousness and tend to convey a vital message to us. They are imaginary creatures that represent coping with something you don't want to deal with or something difficult to comprehend.

If you dream about killing an Aswang, it signifies you will be able to overcome some fierce competition and get to the top of your company.

If a monster is chasing you in your dream, look at the distance between you and your pursuer; this is the distance between you and the problem that's bothering you in real life. If the monster is gaining on you, it means that the problem is here to stay and will take a very long time to resolve; you must work hard and tackle the situation head-on rather than wallow in self-pity. However, if you notice a gap between you and the monster, this is a good sign because it means you're getting close to solving the challenge. As a result, the problem is dissipating.

You will face embarrassment if you have a dream in which you transform into a monster. It could be a dream revealing your true self and that you need to modify your mindset for your betterment.

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In this dream,

The monster's shape seemed to morph.

You were concerned about the aswang.

This beast pursued you.

You looked the aswang in the eyes (this is intended to ward off evil!)

You defended yourself from the Aswan.

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Detailed dream interpretation

If a monster is changing shape in your dream, it means your concerns will come true. It will assist you in comprehending the transformation from fear to freedom. Observing a changing Aswang allows you to make comparisons between your dream and waking life situations.

When you see the Aswang frightening you, it means you're going through a powerful phase of change in your life, with a fresh outlook on life in general, and New skills are being developed to help you grow as a person. You don't fully realize life's happenings, and you can't comprehend a new beginning. However, if you understand the logic behind a problem, you'll be able to make judgments that will benefit you. You may be compelled to visit your subconscious mind through meditation to comprehend what is going on in your life, therefore highlighting a critical moment in your life.

dream about Aswang

A monster chasing you in a dream means you are worried. This dream represents a reaction to anything in your waking life that is physically harming you. When you envision yourself being pursued by a monster that wants to kill you or cause horrific harm to your body, you must either flee for your life or hide in a "symbolic" position. The actions you've taken in your dream correspond to your waking life behaviours of how you deal with pressure. If you run, it suggests that instead of confronting stress or pressure, you choose to run away and avoid it altogether. Understand who is pursuing you so that you can deal with your concerns and anxieties. The pursuer in your dream could represent a facet of yourself, such as sentiments of envy, wrath, fear, or even love that have manifested themselves as a monster. It could also indicate the part of you that is being ignored. As a result, you wind up transferring your sentiments onto the chaser, who in your dream symbolizes the unknown. Seeing a monster chasing you in a dream, try turning around and facing the pursuit and asking why they are chasing you. Try to figure out what you're attempting to get away from in your daily life. A scenario in which you are following a monster indicates that you desire to seek what you desperately desire in your life. It's also possible that you're unconcerned about others' success while you fall behind.

When you have a dream in which the Aswang looks you in the eyes, it implies you have resolved that you will not continue to be oppressed in life and that you are prepared to face whatever it is. You've determined that whatever it is, whether it's love, envy, hate, or fear, you're not going to keep it in your metaphorical closet any longer. Nothing will bother you any more since you now have the energy to deal with it front-on.

A dream in which you defend yourself against the Aswang indicates that you are feeling vulnerable. It might have been triggered by something you saw or read in the news. This form of nightmare is more common in women than in men who are afraid of being sexually or physically mistreated.

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Feelings Relating to the Dream

Vulnerable. Loved. Hate. Stressed. Angry. Jealousy.


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