Dream About An Oxygen Mask - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

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Dream About An Oxygen Mask - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

When a person dreams of an Oxygen Mask, they seek to purify their lungs by avoiding unhealthy or unnatural substances. These dreams could also represent emotions of suffocation, as well as being smothered by others or by circumstances in your life. When one thinks of Oxygen Masks, they also conjure up a sense of anonymity, and it distinguishes them from the crowd, making them feel fantastic.

The symbolism of Oxygen in dreams is a vitality, inner spirit, and creative force. The mask represents a measure of protection or sheltering from what we believe is beyond our control. Dreaming of oxygen masks also refers to being anxious about all topics relating to the future. When it comes to Oxygen, we humans absolutely cannot exist without it. If you have to use an Oxygen Mask in your dream because of some apocalyptic threat, it implies you're looking for a way to protect yourself from the terrifying periods in life that are difficult to deal with.

dream about an oxygen mask

You may have dreamed about

  • As a result of a falling plane or a natural disaster, you've been compelled to wear a mask, indicating that your life is currently an unsettled jumble of miscommunication and lack of understanding. In your dreaming mind, Oxygen represents you want to fix everything.
  • You've decided to wear an Oxygen Mask all the time because you enjoy the feeling of having pure air in your lungs at all times.
  • Someone else forced you to wear the mask, signifying your inability to take care of yourself to the point where someone else feels compelled to do it for you.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Because you found the mask comfortable, you accepted it with ease.
  • You survived the natural disaster alive and well, with your lungs intact.
  • You found that wearing the mask or not was comfortable for you.
  • You gave yourself permission to be looked after.

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Detailed dream interpretations

When a person is forced to wear an oxygen mask because an aeroplane in their dream is experiencing turbulence or is about to crash, it means that they are trying to purge a disaster that has occurred in their personal lives and are clinging to anything that will allow them to feel as if they can get out of it. It also indicates our knowledge of what is going on around us. Therefore, obtaining oxygen via a mask in a hospital in a dream signifies our anxieties of losing consciousness or awareness of something we aren't sure how to deal with. When one breathes inwardly in a dream, it represents their willingness to relax, meditate, and communicate with Universal energy. When one lives outwardly, it means their desire to relax, meditate, and communicate with Universal energy.

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 dream about an oxygen mask

The following scenarios in your life are linked to this dream

Relationship and business upheaval


Suffering from a sense of suffocation or being overwhelmed

Not knowing where to begin when trying to solve a problem.

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