What does an Old Crush / Old Lover mean in your dream?

BY ljxnsi 2022-06-27 Modified date: 2022-08-20

An old crush or lover represents desire and the desire for something in your waking life in a dream.

These dreams can be about wanting an object or simply needing something, but most of the time, they are about not feeling loved, wanting affection, or wishing your current relationship was like an old one. These dreams, however, serve as a reminder that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

You might have in this dream.

Have you seen an old flame or had a crush on someone?

Flirted, slept with, or had sex with an old flame.

I yelled at an old flame.

I ran away from an old flame.

I ran into an old flame or had a crush on someone else.

An old flame had a child, married and so on.

I wished to see a lover.

I had sex with an old flame.

Positive changes are on the way if.

I said my goodbyes to a lover.

The dream was enjoyable.

An old flame married and had a child.

Detailed dream meaning

When you fantasize about an old crush, you usually fantasize about specific ideals that you desire from love. Old lover dreams can cause you to wake up wishing you had chosen a different path in life, worried that you still have feelings for this long-lost love. With time, there is a sense of longing associated with these dreams, and people tend to see things as they wish they were rather than as they were. Idealizing an old lover and someone you had a crush on are typical desires.

These kinds of dreams indicate that it is critical to distinguish between romantic fact and fiction. Dreaming about a sexual crush indicates that your sexual needs are not being met in your current relationship or situation.

Being enticed or flirted with by an old lover means that you need more affection or not being understood. When you yell at an old lover, it indicates that you have unresolved issues from that relationship that prevent you from committing to your current relationship; even if you have been married for years, this dream has surfaced because you need excitement in your life. For example, if your ex-lover was cruel to you, mean to you and made you feel insecure, and you're carrying that insecurity with you?

To dream about being chased by an old lover indicates that you have unrealistic expectations of them or that you are frustrated in love. Your mind is using this person to work through current issues in your life to process and move forward - into healthier relationships. The one excellent or positive aspect of having a dream about an old lover is when you let them go or say goodbye to them. This indicates that you are ready to move on in your life or that new love is on the way.

Dreaming about y old lover and having a child can also be a good omen, and this demonstrates momentum in your own life and is usually a good omen for you to start your own family.

This dream is connected to the following scenarios in your life.

Relationship squabbles.

In search of love.

You're bored with your current relationship.

I'm looking for some sexual excitement.

Feelings you may have had in a dream about an old love or crush.

Sad. Forgotten. Dismay. Unloved. Ugly. Unhappy. Longing. Lonely. Happy. Satisfied. Proud.


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