What does it mean to dream about revenge?

BY Layne Sheridan 2022-06-23 Modified date: 2022-06-23

Revenge is a repressed form of bitterness, envy, and contempt, and it shows up in dreams as a sign of your own festering negativity bubbling to the surface.

When you have these types of dreams, be cautious and wary since your own emotions are basically out of balance, and this is a period in your waking life when you are more likely to do something you would regret.

Detailed dream interpretation

Instead of stewing in your own feelings, consider how you genuinely feel and be willing to approach the problem person or object. These dreams are frequently resolved by discussing a topic or seeking a simple solution. It's strange how in our dream worlds, even minor difficulties may become significant issues. You want to make sure you're differentiating between your personal feelings and the truth of the situation, as well as determining whether or not your feelings are genuinely valid.

Other revenge dreams are based on fear and hostility, where you feel as though someone is exacting retribution on you, and these nightmares are frequently founded in your own guilt. Sometimes we do things that we subsequently regret and realise we could have handled differently, and the psyche punishes us in our dreams. You can't avoid your own guilt, and it's best to confront it whole on. When you are enacting revenge on yourself in dream time because you are so anxious about an action or something you may have said, it is definitely an excellent time to let go of the feelings or make amends if necessary.

In a dream, supporting somebody with a vengeance is a warning omen that you will be drawn into a problem that does not concern you. Be aware of individuals who try to persuade you to pick sides since your brain knows that the fight that is about to erupt in your face is one that you should stay out of.

When you dream about plotting or just thinking about vengeance but don't act on it, it's a sign that your own situation in life involving the object of vengeance is growing problematic. Now is the time to look for help and guidance from others before things spiral out of control.


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